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Tuesday 28 July 2020

200,000! NAMASTHE!!

200,000!That's the total number of readers who have visited my blog MUSINGS FROM DOHA as on date.It is amazing and equally encouraging to note that the readership has spread to 103 countries in  all the continents!Most of such countries are well known but quite a few are not that known- no offence meant to them- like Bukino Faso,Kosovo,Montenegro,Moldova or North Macedonia.Then, there are a few from 'unknown countries',classified as such by google, presumably Cuba, Sudan,Syria,Crimea,North Korea or Iran,details of which is not known. Honestly, than the quality of my articles,excellent technology provided by google and others could be the reason for such a reach everywhere!110 articles on various topics are published so far, while 840 valuable comments are received from the readers world wide- as below- so far!I thank each one of you for your continued support.

                            my blog readers worldwide- darker the more

Please permit me to note down the names of the first 10 countries from where most of the readers of this blog are.

6.Hong Kong

The following are the 5 most popular articles read-as on date- along with the easy links for access.

1.63,Ravipuram Revisited.

2.What And how to negotiate business deals.

3.Land of Land Cruisers.


5.Is it Air India company or East India company?

Google Analytics also provides me the feed back that out of my readers, 46% are females and 54% males of all ages from 18 - 65+! The age group can be further fine tuned as: 
18-24 =27.5%
25-44 =49%
45-64 =18%
and my own age group 65+ is 5.5%.

I once again thank you for your time and interest shown in my writings.

Namasthe!Folded hands as above, is an expression of traditional greetings of India used by people for the last thousands of years, let me explain here for those who are not aware of that.It means that-I BOW TO YOU!!I don't find any other word or expression to what I think of you now. NAMASTHE!!


  1. Varun Gupta
    Sir, I read your negotiation blog, the 5 point theory is a practical tip one must practice. Another point I learnt over the years is one must also know when to negotiate. Most deals don't go thru because we end up discussing with wrong people or at a wrong time or both

  2. AVM NAIR:
    110 articles on various topics .Readers world wide...
    Undoubtedly scintillating and enviable performance ! You deserve to be included in the rare group of personalities who accomplish their aspirations.All the best to have further laurels

    Jaison, simply fantastic, no words to express my appreciation, 200000 is not a small number yaar. Keep marching on....
    All my best wishes and affection. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ✅πŸ™

    200,000 is a great achievement. Mabrouk indeed. You are an excellent writer and that is why so many thousands read your pieces. Excellent job.

  5. MC EMSON..
    Congratulations. This is a remarkable achievement

    Only very few can develop the talent and interest in writing. Again getting serious readership from a large group, as you have mentioned, is more the more difficult. I have followed only few articles. Now I am getting prepared to read the ten articles you have mentioned.
    As you have correctly noted I come under the last 5.5% group.
    Keep it going. All the very best.

    MABROOK ,Jaison Chatten..

    Jaison: Congratulation for the tremendous success achieved .Wish you further success.
    Incidentally,.among the Countries, not well- known, you have mentioned Bukino Faso.
    Is it Burkino Faso. I feel the " r" is missing from BUKINO FASO ".

    Looking at the type/ nature of articles that you are researching and writing, very, very few may even give a thought to them.Moreover, the articles are of very high quality and very informative. I am pretty sure that , in the coming days, your readership will increase further more.The write ups are also made interesting with a couple of illustrations and pictures, thrown in where necessary.
    Great going Jaison and all the bestπŸ‘.Regards

  8. Dear Jaison,
    It is indeed a recordable achievement to have this much of readers for the subjects you have projected. I very much appreciate and congratulate on this.
    I have read only a few of them. Still I wonder how you were able to put it in writing after the retirement. I wish you continue the effort which will be useful to the coming generation. I come in the last group of readers mentioned.
    Regards, Joychettan.

  9. Vineeth Abraham30 July 2020 at 09:31

    Congratulations on a fantastic achievement. This is just the beginning.......

    Wow! Jaison Uncle, That's seriously a big number. I had always been looking forward to read your write ups. Did not realize that its had such readership.


  11. Jaison, this is surely an awesome achievement you gained and I join with your moment of happiness and appreciation.VG THOMAS