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Everyone,young or old, wants a speedy climb in the career ladder.It is understandable and advisable.But most of them get confused how to go about it.There are no short cuts, although one can read or listen to scores of lectures on the subject.In fact for many, making such lectures itself is a good growing career.What are the possible 'rungs' of the career ladder?I would like to share with you based on what I have learned in this matter over the years.I am 62 but still learning everyday in my corporate and otherwise life  and  as such this is not the last word on the topic, but could be almost there.I would be more than pleased if any aspiring executive anywhere in the world can make use of  this guide lines..... This article can benefit  all  but could be more fitting to self driven executive careers.I have written in the order of importance,I think it should be ....

Change the definition,if need be...
What is the definition of  your dream job or career ? Define it now precisely ."A job with excellent salary/ perks, limited working hours and little or no responsibility " - if this is your definition,you better change your definition because such executive jobs does not exist in business.Your career should be your passion,your love.The more you are attached with it the more you should be able to enjoy .

Be positive,Be ambitious
Naturally being positive and demonstration of such an attitude is essentially one of the keys of career growth. I am of the opinion that this attitude reflects in one more by birth but can be trained to a reasonable level by practice.Being positive is highly influenced by the circumstances one is brought up or one works.To put it in one sentence , positive people look for solutions while the negative people see only obstacles when confronted by a situation or problem . Always be positive , ambitious and confident in life and work.

Not only work hard but see that it is delivered in time
One should clearly understand the difference implied in this.Working hard is fine but ensure that what is expected from you is delivered in time.Timely delivery of your job/assignments/target is essential for your career growth.Keep the timings sharp.You can be rest assured that without this being practiced no one has come up the ladder or could have gone more faster had this in place.

Be informed
Knowledge is power, everyone knows this but I may add up - information is success.Well, one has to be definitely knowledgeable but keep abreast of what is happening in the world.Prime time spending in this direction can be given to the field of one's own career,but do not limit to it.Try to spend at least half hour daily to read something you do not know other than routine stuff  in newspapers, periodicals and  net. Refresh your skills.

Let us consider the cases of two individuals,graduates from the same Alma mater in the same year, having more or less same grades. I can assure you that one who keeps informed will out smart the other by  100 % in ten years! Right information,at the right time,in the right direction hits the bulls eye always . Graduates having lesser grades while  in college or those  from not-so-known-schools/institutes overtake those who come out from premier institutes  can be attributed to this reason .

Keep yourself fit
'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy !'
What ever be your age you have to be physically and mentally fit to deliver what your management looks for. Good eating habits and regular exercise will give you the physical energy.

But it is equally important to keep mentally fit as well .Concept of ' home, sweet home' plays a role here.Live in a happy environment,indulge in recreational hobbies/activities during your weekends /off hours.Enjoy your breaks. Remember that right and fast decisions can be made from relaxed minds,not frustrated minds.Frustrated and infuriated minds will make someone to produce his/ her contribution in arts and literature but not in business!

Be trustworthy
Be reliable.Be trustworthy. If you are looking forward for your growth in career, do not compromise on this matter.Be reliable to your own junior staff, colleagues, management , clientele.Before you say 'yes' to something , big or small - a contract , a request - try to fathom the implications.If the request is unrealistic from the other side, politely address it.But stay committed to what you have agreed.

For some reasons,beyond own control if you cannot meet what you have committed,please apologize earliest possible and get a revised date or time .But ensure that this is not repeated very often and remember that such a revision cannot be done in many occasions.

Take (allowable) risk
Any thing good and worthwhile can be shrouded with  risk.Growth and success in career comes along with risk to be taken.Believe in yourself.Be confident.Take risks to the level it can be taken. Professionals can be with different opinions but I would not advocate to take ' blind risk' in your career but to a level of     'calculated risk', which can help you.

When problems arise when quick and effective decisions are to be taken, study the problem well, study the pro and con of the issue, draw a line to the level one can go with calculated risk and go ahead identifying clearly the risks taken. It is more likely that you go through what you want than not.If you are waiting for your senior to take the risk part or you think you are not paid for that,then you are not eligible to be a senior.

Walk that extra mile
This is where almost everyone slips .For any successful organisation there should be a system for working.While falling in line with the system, let it not restrict you to work the best of you . Mentors and bosses can guide you but you must be your own manager.Regardless of the prescribed working hours and environments,if one has to go a bit further to achieve what the management looks from you, do that .Volunteer.

Mind the basic rules
Always mind the following golden rules , which everyone knows but rarely practices .
* Share the credit with others .
*Offer solutions to the problems while you must take to the boss.
*Stop comparing yourself with others.
*Be patient enough.Keep producing .Any intelligent management will notice for sure a job well done and recognize even if it can take some more time , at times. Focus on long term goals .
*Don't talk bad about your boss ( even if he is bad)or company to anyone if you intend to continue your job there. Doing that to your own colleagues could be  'harakiri' .
*Appreciate good job done by others in open and loud , do exactly opposite in case of a bad job done .

That sums up the subject which I have made short as possible . Again , I have listed in the order of importance .As I have indicated earlier , there are no short cuts.Being from premier professional schools / universities will definitely help one to have good breaks,good start in the career.But unless the person practices in one way or other what has been stated above,eventually someone who indulges(need not necessarily from a premier institute) in these takes over the other. All you do is verify yourself what type of persons have climbed the ladder of career fast and effectively in each company to the top , you will be surprised! Grab the opportunity ....

Now that you have read this article , relax and try to fully understand each point once again and get it digested in full . Please review with what you have been already practicing and what you haven't .. If you think you have to make changes in working style , do that . If  you think I have to amend the points, you can suggest  !!

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  1. Wow....much needed for me......I love reading your articles......some feel good factor!

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  2. Mr.Mathen writes...
    It seems you are as good to become a journalist in your spare time as the best journalist in India coluld be. Keep up the great work.

  3. Mr.Varghese Thomas writes
    Dear Jaison,
    Thank you for sending the link. The article is very useful with few powerful techniques.

    Thank you

  4. Mrs Preetha writes:
    Dear Sir,

    First of all thank you for including my name in your list and thoughts. I went through the blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading the same. It was a wonderful reminder and eye opener.

    I must also say that I took the liberty to go through some of your other blogs and am greatly touched by your tribute to your brother who is no more. My deep heartfelt condolences to you and family. But I must say that reading that made me feel that one of my own has gone away. You are truly blessed to have a brother like him and him a brother like you.

    Do hope to keep in touch and meet you when you are in Kochi. Please do convey my regards to madam and also to my doctor Vinay.

    Thanks & regards,


  5. Hello Jaison uncle,

    This was such a good blog. I really needed to read this.. Thank you for passing down your words of wisdom ..

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  6. Dear Jaison Chettan,

    I love it. Happy to know that you have started sharing your knowledge for the benefit of upcoming generation

    Can you please send me good photograph and a profile that can be published.

    I want to publish this as your article with your permission

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    Saji Ittoop Thomas
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  7. Thank you uncle...Nice


  8. Dear Jason,

    Mr PC JAMES, Canada writes:
    I found this very useful for all. I myself used to follow some similar steps, especially your point as walk one extra mile and found results in my career. You may be known as I retired from All India radio and Indian TV as chief engineer, prematurely and joined Saudi Araban TV net work and worked 11 years as Operation Manager.
    I have forwarded your mail to my children for their reading and guidance

  9. Dear Mr. Chacko,

    I was just reading your blog again, and I really appreciated the post on career growth. It is actually quite timely for me, as I am going through a career change and starting afresh again.


  10. Dear Jaison,

    This is wonderful literature and guidelines for youngsters and elders.

    Keep it up.

    My sincere wish for your future venture to lead youths in the correct pathway.

    God bless you and your family.

    With our best wishes,

    Mathew and family.

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