Tuesday 5 September 2023

400,000! 4 LAKHS HITS!!

400,000 ! 4 LAKH.... HITS!!  

In spite of all the differences among us, this world is still small!!

400,000 and going on strong!That's the total number of readers worldwide who have visited my blog MUSINGS FROM DOHA at https://www.jaisonchacko.com/ so far. It is amazing, gratifying and equally encouraging for me to note that the readership has spread to 110 countries in  all the continents as shown above! Most of such countries are well known but quite a few are not that known- no offence meant to them- like Burkina Faso, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova or North Macedonia. Then, there are a few from 'unknown countries', classified as such by Google, presumably Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Crimea, North Korea or Iran, details of which is not known.Around 150 articles on various topics- on first of every month- are published so far on this blog. Two books are published based on selective topics namely ' Gandhi? Who's That?' and 'Kaleidoscopic Musings' , still available on Amazon. So far 1700 valuable comments are received from the readers worldwide! I thank each one of my readers , near and far, for your continued support. As far as I am concerned it is incredible but true! It also shows that in spite of all the differences among us, this world is still small!!

The following three articles are in the top of the chart in popularity now :

1.What and How to negotiate business deals.

2.63,Ravipuram Revisited and 

3.Five minutes before closing time......Beyond Lutyens Bakerloo and Chausath         Yogini.

And maximum  number of the readers are from the following 10 countries in that order now...

1.US                                                          6.Ukraine

2.Hong Kong                                               7.France

3.Indonesia                                                 8.Germany

4.India                                                        9.China and

5.Russia                                                      10.Qatar.

Of all, readers from US is 20%,Hong Kong 13%,Indonesia 10%,India 8% and Russia 5% followed by 6- 10 and rest of 100. Thanks to Google technology without which I could not have even dreamed of this feat. Perhaps more than anyone, I myself enjoy writing... keeping my old mind busy, young and creative.Thank you very much for your valuable supports.Namasthe!


  1. P P Kailasanathan5 September 2023 at 16:46

    No wonder you have such a readership.Once I started, it's a few years since, I eagerly wait every month's article.Best wishes

  2. You're doing awesome... I wish you all the best and you may do it even better. "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man".

  3. Beautifully narrated in minimum words. All the best and God’s blessings to every Sr. citizens

  4. During my short visit to Doha I have had the opportunity to enjoy the company and love of Jaison and a few other alumni of MA college of Engineering Kothamangalam Kerala where I taught Industrial economics for one year, 1969–70 , and exchange pleasantries and their hospitality, besides being the warden of the college hostel , before I joined the Central service and served the country for 38 years in different states and places in India. Thank you Jaison

  5. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 George Illampillil

  6. Thomas Abraham:That is a really fantastic number. Your writing , style and substance definitely deserve it

  7. Robin Thomas:Amazing achievement Uncle 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Jomy Joseph:Wow!!
    Great... keep it going.

  9. Thomas VG:Jaison
    This is really an amazing achievement and quite unbelievable. Surely the enthusiasm of your readers would inspire you to continue your onward journey.
    My heartfelt congratulations.

  10. Thank you so much and God bless you all MATHEW

  11. Beautifully narrated in minimum words. All the best and God’s blessings to you Sir.RAHIM

  12. AJO:Hello Sir, amazing.
    Like they famously say, discipline makes you start something but it’s the consistency that allows you to accomplish something.
    I would say that your life discipline and consistent pursuance of things have helped you achieve heights. No success comes easy and I take pride in having worked with you and witnessing some of those mentioned uncertainties and achievements.
    This shows that even if nothing changes in the world, one’s consistent approach to things can bring the change. Your writing and the numerous reading you have to do to publish articles has perhaps enhanced your world view which reflects in these articles too. Wisdom gained in this long journey keeps you going and my prayers and best wishes for this achievement sir. Let it gain many more!
    As one of your article says- ‘I can’ is 100 times more important than IQ. I see that you have applied that in your life too 🙏😊.

    Thank you for sharing and please keep writing ✍️

  13. ANIL POULOSE: Congratulations Sir!

  14. Definitely you are a talented man you have been Professionally exceptional in your work and passion towards your work that is why you become the writer you are today 🙏👏SHEIKHA AL KAABI

  15. This is great achievement … superb to know that, now you have followers from 110 countries !!!
    This is just a start … the limit is beyond the sky
    Keep writing and keep inspiring the world around you….
    God bless VARGHESE P DAVID

  16. Amazing achievements, stay blessed

  17. Great going. All the best wishes

  18. HV NAIRDear Sir,
    Out of the 150 odd published articles I could read many right from the Gulf Housing days.
    The way things are put; I mean with an unbiased descriptive people always get attracted.
    Also I have seen that the narratives are just by an observer, reserving his own personal view points. Such writings will always attract many as the reader fill find a place to put himself comfortably.
    Sir, please continue with your passion which will be a blessing for many of us.

  19. Muhammed Peekay
    jaison , എഴുതികൊണ്ടെയിരിക്കുക ഞങ്ങൾ വായനക്കാരായുണ്ടു എന്നും. എഴുതില്‍ സത്യവും ഒപ്പം വിശാലമായ കാഴ്ചപ്പാടും നിലനിര്തുക

  20. Hafez Abdel Gawad Hafez
    Can you translate?
    Jaison Chacko
    Here it is in Arabic Hafez



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